Therapeutic Energy Solutions

"Energy Healing for Body, Mind, and Spirit"

   A Trans-personal Approach to Health & Well-BEing

Constant, unrelenting stress leads to an increase in the production of stress hormones that over time attack the body's nerves, muscles, and tissues. The cumulative effects of stress is known to cause or worsen high blood pressure, arthritis, headaches, diabetes, chronic pain and a host of other diseases, including some forms of cancer. 

THERAPEUTIC ENERGY SOLUTIONS offers a trans-personal approach to optimum health and well-being. Using bio- electromagnetic techniques within an integrative system of healing offers a viable approach to healing the psychosomatic effects of stress on the body mind and spirit. Bio-electromagnetic techniques target the sources of mental, emotional and physical stress that can cause or exacerbate pain and anxiety.

At Therapeutic Energy Solutions, the clients become pro-active members of a healing team that includes their licensed medical and/or licensed mental health professional. The techniques offered at TES compliment all allopathic treatments the client may be receiving and does not interfere with any prescription medications or treatments they may be taking for medical and mental health conditions. They are soothing, non-invasive treatments that leave the client deeply relaxed with a sense of peace and well-being.

What is Reiki?

Reiki energy healing healing was developed in japan by Mikao Usui in 1922. It is based on hands-on healing methods that have been used by healers world-wide for thousands of years. It involves the transfer of energy from the universal source in to body of the client. The energy (chi, ki, prana) is then distributed through the body's energy channels (meridian, chakra, nadis, etc.) to absorbed by the the cells of the body. This transfer of energy can facilitate deep relaxation and may result in healing. Reiki is offered as a mind/ body therapy in over 800 hospitals and cancer treatment centers as part of their integrative health services.

Today, Reiki is commonly being used in three areas, by:

  • The lay public at home, for themselves, family and friends
  • Reiki professionals offering therapy in their offices or other wellness and healthcare settings
  • Nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals, such as physical therapists, dentists, massage therapist, and chiropractors who integrate Reiki into healthcare during office visits or inpatient care in clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, and other healthcare facilities.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness that allows the client to access the deep subconscious mind. The mind is very powerful tool for healing. Hypnosis allows the client to get to the root of a problem, situation or illness in a safe and natural way. Hypnosis is used to release habits and remove unhealthy fears. Some people use hypnosis to gain self-confidence; heal mental and emotional wounds; and build  healthy self-esteem. 

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice that promotes a sense of inner calm, peace and focused awareness. The practice of meditation may improve memory and the the ability to intentionally focus awareness in the present moment. Meditation has been shown to relieve the symptoms of depression; reduce high blood pressure; and to improve the quality of sleep.

Therapeutic Energy Solutions offers other techniques such as Energetic Cord Cutting and  Energetic Chelation Therapy.

Holistic Healthcare Practitioners are not licensed medical or mental health professionals. They  do not diagnose medical conditions nor do they prescribe medications for the treatment of any medical condition.


I DO NOT provide Reiki or Hypnotherapy to persons currently being treated for severe mental health issues (i.e, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, history of attempted suicide) without the expressed written permission of your licensed mental healthcare provider.  

Therapeutic Energy Solutions provides a safe and supportive healing environment to help you achieve, nurture and maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit. Click on the services tab to view packages, classes and other services offered At Therapeutic Energy Solutions.

All sessions are by appointment only.


Therapeutic Energy Solutions is located in historic uptown Roxboro, North Carolina inside McIntyre Massage and Wellness Center. McIntyre Massage and Wellness Center offers a variety of options for creating a healthy lifestyle. Come in and meet massage therapists, Brian McIntyre and Mary Peterson-Riley. Let their experienced hands relieve your achy muscles and release the tension of your day.  Jeff Carver, CHt, owns Transitions Hypnotherapy. Whether you are trying to release a bad habit or simply need assistance in adapting to life's many changes, Jeff is ready to help. Lela Scott of God's Herbals has a variety of all natural dietary support options to enhance your health and well-being. Let our team of holistic healthcare providers provide you with the overall support you need to heal your body and change your life.

Visit us at McIntyre Massage and Wellness Center, 20 Court Street, Roxboro, North Carolina, 27573